Even if the sky falls, there is a hole to escape.” – Korean proverb

Welcome to the musings, meanderings, and movement of a family serving in mission service with the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Starting in fall 2015, we began a new appointment as the regional facilitator for addressing migration and human trafficking.  Although we will be based in the Philippines, we will also work throughout Asia, coming alongside various churches and organizations.

During these early weeks of our new appointment, we have participated in orientation with Presbyterian World Mission.  Traveling throughout Michigan and Indiana, we have met with congregations in order to introduce ourselves and to build up our network of sending and support.  We have more plans to travel until late January, when we expect to move to the Philippines.

We are grateful for the outpouring of support, through invitations to preach and to engage with youth from different congregations and hospitality over extended meals and visits.  Thanks be to God for your partnership in God’s mission in Asia and throughout the Philippines!

Our call to international mission service is rooted in our joint family history.  I am a Korean-American woman married to a Chilean-French man.  My mother and her family were internally displaced refugees on the Korean peninsula.  One generation removed from the Korean War, I am aware that my mother’s family experienced both the “falling sky” and that very “hole of escape.”

My husband’s father was a political refugee exiled from Chile.  According to my husband’s French Gaul roots, their only fear was a falling sky.  After World War II, many believed that the sky had fallen, and now in these days after terrorist attacks in Paris, it appears that the sky is falling again.

Shaped over time, yet shocked and saddened by more recent events, we carry all of these experiences into this new appointment of mission service.  With all that is happening in the world, these are unique times in which for us to reflect on our family’s history, as well as how to prepare for a very different future.

Walk with us, as we walk with individuals and families throughout Asia:  to many, the sky has already fallen because of the situations that promote migration and human trafficking, but let us together let us pray and work towards that hole of escape, as we address the root causes of poverty and confront cultures of sexual violence.